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Conservative County Chiefs Cut Bus Services

bus_portrait.JPGTory Council bosses are cutting funding for the 1, 3, 5 & Spring Winchester buses between 7pm and 9pm.

These services are vital for local people - together carrying 40,000 passengers per year at these times. Cutting services at these times will have knock on effects for travel at other times as many passengers will have to resort to using the car for earlier journeys too, adding to congestion and harming our environment.

The Tory cuts will also hit 1100 pensioners every day who are travelling in the morning. They will no longer be able to use their bus passes between 9 and 9.30am. This will cut access to doctors and hospital appointments.

Other services are also hit:
2 and 6a - Cut to 3 days per week
46 -  cut back to 4 journeys each way to North Baddesley only, meaning it will no longer go to Southampton General Hospital, hitting residents in Chandler's Ford. Hiltingbury will no longer have a direct link to Southampton, and its direct link to Winchester will be cut to 4 times per day.
The Xelabus service to Hiltingbury and Chandler's Ford has been reduced.  There will be no evening service on Thursday or Friday and no service at all on Sunday.  


We call on Conservative run Hampshire County Council to reverse its damaging cuts to our bus services.


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    At least keep the 9a.m. start, and I presume that there are no restrictions at weekends.
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    Public transport is a lifeline for the young, the elderly and those simply needing to get to and from work without the expense of car parking charges. Buses are a public service that must be preserved, especially when the funding needed is simply going to reserves rather than being spent on a social necessity.
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    I don’t drive and work at the hospital. If I finish work after 7 pm there is no way I can get home. It is outrageous that in the evening no one can travel around Winchester on public transport. What about the teenagers out in town? Or the older people who want to go to the theatre or cinema? Those with different working hours? What about the effect on the environment of all the extra cars on the road? These decisions are made by 9-5 pen-pushers with more than one car per family, which is not how many of us live. In other cities they have perfectly efficient and adequate bus services. Perhaps they need to get rid of Stagecoach, and try another company?
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    Buses are essential for people who do not have cars. Cuts affect working hours, and businesses that operate during evenings. Hospital and doctor’s appointments are also made very difficult.
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    Before the Tories made the bad decision to privatise our essential services, buses were municipal and provided a service where it was needed. Stagecoach should be required to provide such a service in order to meet the agreement made at the time of being granted a licence to run a service. Why cannot they divert the number 5 from Badger Farm to provide a service to Olivers Battery say, once per 2 hours? The 5 runs every 10 minutes so this should not be of detriment to Badger Farm users. This is the excuse that Stagecoach like to make.
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    For those of us who live outside the city and have only an hourly bus service (lucky to have that, some will say) without the bus station there would be nowhere warm and safe to wait. This appears to be yet one more instance of the City regarding the District as irrelevant, although the lack of this facility would also apply to the more vulnerable members of the inner city population. The arrogance of this Council is breathtaking.
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    This Service is essential to us as Pensioners and is our only way of getting to Town
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    Sign the petition: Bus Back Tonight
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    The service is essential for residents, please keep it running regularly throughout the day and night.
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    A later bus is essential due to the high cost of taxis in the Winchester area.It is also to dangerous to walk home in the dark.
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