Liberal Democrats have a plan to ensure local people have the homes they need.

For too long high rents and high house prices have priced people out of the chance of a decent home.


Nationally Liberal Democrats would:

  • Introduce a 'Help to Rent' scheme so young people don't have to rely on the 'Bank of Mum and Dad' to find a rental deposit.
  • Introduce a 'Rent to Own' scheme so people could earn a stake in their property over time while renting.
  • Build 300,000 homes a year to fix the housing shortage and bring down the cost of homes.
  • Reform the Bedroom Tax so only those who refuse alternative housing would have to pay.


Locally the Liberal Democrats would:

  • Encourage the building of more student halls to return family homes to the community.
  • Introduce Landlord Licencing to crack down on bad landlords and protect tenants, neighbours and good landlords.
  • Make sure developers deliver a proper contribution of affordable homes, and give communities greater control of developer contributions.
  • Build more council homes and improve existing housing.
  • Help to Rent

    Help to Rent

    Helping young people move out of the family home and into their own place.
  • Rent to Own

    Rent to Own

    Helping young people buy their own home without the need for a deposit.