Save our Maternity

Maternity services at our local hospital are under threat. Lib Dem Prospective MP Jackie Porter is campaigning to protect our local NHS.

Over 2000 people have signed Jackie’s petition to save maternity services under threat due to a review of hospital services. 

The review is proposing downgrading maternity provision at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester by removing consultant cover. A new hospital would be built outside Winchester, in Basingstoke and Deane.

Jackie said: “I am deeply concerned by these proposals to downgrade maternity services.

"I understand how important a maternity unit with consultant care is. When I was giving birth to my son, I experienced complications and needed a blood transfusion. Having doctors on hand saved my son’s life and mine.

“Please join my campaign to save our vital local maternity services.”

Tory MP’s broken maternity promise

Before being elected Tory MP Steve Brine said that consultant-led maternity services would be his ‘red line’ and that “without them you don’t have a District General Hospital worthy of the name.”

Now Brine is welcoming changes that will mean there is no hospital with these services in Winchester - exactly what he said he would campaign against.


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    I'm backing Jackie Porter's campaign to save our local maternity services.
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    Winchester hospital did an amazing job in delivering my baby earlier this year, I have also had a child previously in Southampton but opted to have my last two in Winchester as I disliked the experience I had in Southampton. Should I have anymore I couldn’t think of anywhere else I would rather have them delivered, but I would have to be forced to return to Southampton as the new location is just to far and to impractical!
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    My twins were born 8 weeks premature. We wouldn’t have made it to basingstoke. My daughter was born with two collapsed lungs and it was the consultants who saved her life. If they hadn’t been there she would not have survived the journey to another hospital. She couldn’t breathe. Maternity services need to be ring fenced. No child’s life should be put in danger because of budget cuts. I suggest MPs take a cut in salary if cuts need to be made. Or perhaps ban expenses claims by MPs, That would save a fortune.
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    With out the help of the consultants at Winchester my daughter would have died at birth
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    We had consultant care with both of our babies, I loved the care I received at Winchester.
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    Winchester is vital to our areas maternity care!
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    I was born their but my birth wasn’t very good I was not breathing and went blue and know I have got special needs
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    Need to keep this maternity ward open fully
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    The Winchester maternity facility must stay. It has helped me through two wonderful pregnancies and one miscarriage. Please do not minimise such an important service in our community.
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