Equal Treatment for Mental Health

At least one in four people will suffer from mental health problems at some point in their lives, however there is still stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health.

The Lib Dems believe mental health should not be ignored nor stigmatised. It should be taken as seriously as physical health.

We are using £400 million to help people with mental health problems get the right support early on, such as talking or psychological therapies. We are also introducing waiting limits, so people will know for the first time how long they have to wait for mental health treatment.

Back our campaign to ensure mental health is taken as seriously as physical health.

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    All to often mental health is considered to be separate from physical health. It most definitely is not. You can have a dis-eased heart, lungs, legs or whatever, mental health is physically ill health of the brain which is just another, albeit important organ of the body, so why consider it separately.
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    I am unable to attend but thanks for letting me know. Jennifer Harvey
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    In my opinion, mental health treatment is severely lacking and the long term effect of this results in poor physical health in the long run. The treatment of mental health conditions needs to be reviewed urgently and, in particular, for adolescents. The growing trend for self-harm is alarming; it appears to be accepted and ignored by schools who cannot cope with the number of stress related issues that pupils present with. Emotional literacy should be a key educational goal. Our school system has become so rigidly focussed on results and there is no longer a focus on children as individuals. The pressure on children to achieve milestones from such an early age is bringing an increase in anxiety related disorders, often caused by teachers who are feeling pressured and stressed to achieve their targets. Is it right that a child of 11 who didn’t reach their expected targets in Maths and English for Year 6, already considers themselves ‘unable’, ‘stupid’ or ‘worthless’? It is not just a question of treating mental health issues when so much could be done in terms of prevention. Stress related illnesses are increasing because there is so much pressure in our ‘results driven world’.
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    I absolutely believe that our Mental Health contributes to our total health and well being and should be taken as equally serious as our physical health. It is not only important to ensure that services are provided to those who are suffering with mental illness, but also that work is put into changing the attitudes that society unfortunately holds towards these brave individuals.
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    Mental health services have always been the cinderella service and it really behoves us to remedy this situation.
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