Jackie Porter's Plan for Winchester



Campaign to save our local maternity services from being downgraded. Guarantee equal care and waiting times for mental health as for physical health, backed up by £8 billion extra for the NHS each year by 2020.

Give children the best possible start in life by protecting education spending from cradle to college. Ensure every child is taught by a qualified teacher and provide schools places for local children.

Create a master plan for Winchester and make the council more open to ensure that all change in our city works for local people. Delivering faster broadband, green energy, better public transport and affordable homes.


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  • commented 2015-03-23 13:10:11 +0000
    Afternoon Jackie. Some of your goals are commendable, but how can any council hope to improve the people of Winchester’s general life and well being with the amount of building developments going on right now? Presently Winchester has 3 or 4 smaller housing estates going up and with the proposed destruction of Barton Farm with another 2000 houses being built, which in turn means another 4000 cars, 4000+ people with all the problems that brings with anti social behaviour and over crowding there appears to be a long road of misery heading this way!

    Already our roads are to busy, what will another 4000 cars created from Barton Farm bring? our senior schools are packed to the rafter and so is our local hospital, what will happen with them?

    Once Cala has created the supposed Barton estate which is meant to be sustainable and integrate into the community – what then? Cala walks away with a profit Winchester is left with a city changed forever. A City over flowing with traffic congestion, people and all the issues this brings with crime and the needs of many – like fast food stores, night clubs, shopping centres the list is endless?

    Winchester was on the slippery slope when the M3 was forced through Twyford Downs destroying an area of natural beauty that was enjoyed by man!, Where developers build and walk away handsomely, where what was needed was a little more thought and the proposed tunnel being created minimising the noise Winchester is blighted by now! These things are steam rolled through with no due regard to the people of Winchester City’s needs.

    Now the final nails are being driven into it’s coffin with a population explosion. Winchester is just about to lose its sole and no one seem to want to do anything about it!!