Jackie Porter stands up for affordable housing at Silver Hill

Prospective MP Jackie Porter has asked the Conservative-run City Council to thing again about how get affordable housing from the Silver Hill development. The Liberal Democrats forced the Conservative council bosses to discuss the issue again at a meeting on Wednesday 6th August. Jackie used this opportunity to speak up for affordable housing and call on the council to work with local affordable housing provider St. John's Charity.


Jackie said: "Today's proposal by the Conservative run council puts the developer back in the driving seat on the likely income for affordable housing. The Council tell us that the car park and toilets have cut the profit to a point where its unviable to provide social housing- but I don't think Hendersons or the Tory Cabinet at the Council have explored the opportunities to work with St John's Charity right on their doorstep.

"I have been thinking laterally- which is what the two sides need to do. As a local representative who has seen the development of Winchester through three decades, I know we need to concentrate on the benefits to the people of Winchester-and secure these sums for affordable housing right from the start.''

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  • commented 2014-09-26 10:44:36 +0100
    As I am both a member of the City Council Cabinet and a Trustee of St John’s Winchester Charity I can confirm that the Charity HAS been talking to senior officers and members about closer co-operation on a variety of issues including affordable housing. Therefore I am alarmed that Ms Porter has suggested otherwise and I must question her on how she has formed the view that these discussions haven’t taken place.
    I am also reminded of the fact that Ms Porter suggested at the Barton Farm planning meeting that Winchester’s affordable housing could be delivered on brown field sites in Basingstoke so perhaps thinking laterally she could talk to charities in that town.
  • commented 2014-08-18 19:19:32 +0100
    What a complete load to tosh and nonsense. Neither the Lib Dems nor the Tories can be trusted to provide highly quality affordable housing within the city centre. Both parties have been in cahoots with the developer and have given Henderson whatever they wanted. Its a complete disgrace that neither party truly cares about providing the housing that those on low income and benefits desperately need due to the rip off rents that private and some so-called social landlords charge.