Tories plan 10,000 extra houses for Winchester District

Winchester’s Lib Dem-run city council is opposing new Government plans for 10,250 new houses to be built in the Winchester area by 2030 – an increase of 48% on the previous target. To make matters worse, the Government is planning to curtail people’s right to object to planning applications in their local area – in effect giving free reign to developers.


The Government has proposed a new ‘standard method for assessing local housing need’ which would increase the Winchester district target from 692 houses/year to 1,025 for the next 10 years - 10,250 in total. The Conservative back a new - very unbalanced - Green Belt proposal, this will combined with restrictions on building in the South Downs National Park force almost all of these extra houses onto the villages and towns to the north, east and west of Winchester itself.

Local County Councillor Jackie Porter says, “We certainly need new houses, especially affordable homes, but house building on this scale is unprecedented and will put huge pressure on local infrastructure.”

We need houses - but the plan must be balanced, sustainable and fair.

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