2017 Campaign: Volunteer Survey

Thank you for all your help during the recent campaign.  We were (and are) fighting to win, so it wasn’t the result we wanted, but we still made huge progress – increasing our vote by 10.1% and cutting the Conservative majority by 41%.  We achieved the 9th highest vote increase of any Lib Dem campaign in the country – and the highest increase – by far – of any constituency that wasn’t an official target seat.

But even though we together fought one of the most effective campaigns in the country, we want to do better next time.  We need to learn from what worked well during this campaign, and tackle areas where we can do better. Please don't hold back; we need your constructive feedback in order to improve.

The next general election could be little more than a few months away. Your feedback will help us to win it. We now have a little time to reflect, to learn and to plan, and to do the ground work that will give us the best chance of ‘Winning Winchester’ next time.

The Snap General Election Campaign may be over, but the campaign for the next General Election has only just begun.