Twenty's Plenty

Martin, Lucille and Liz campaigning for 'Twenty is plenty'

The Lib Dem Focus Team are still regularly contacted by residents who want to see local roads made safer and more pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly.

While the most dangerous roads need engineering changes, 20 mph zones have proven themselves around the country as a pragmatic and useful step when implemented in a wider area.

Unfortunately the initial ‘trial’ launch of 20 mph zones in Hampshire was piecemeal, painfully slow and damaged by inaccurate information about whether the limit was enforceable. (It is. Martin Tod checked with the Chief Constable). And the County Council's analysis of the trial was wholly inadequate. 

We think it’s wrong that inaction is blocking this kind of pragmatic step in areas that want it. Martin is chasing the council to remove the block.

Would a 20 mph zone make sense in your road or area?


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