A Fair Deal for Your Local


Prospective MP Jackie Porter is backing a move to change the law and give publicans renting from big pub chains a fairer deal.

Working alongside Liberal Democrat MP Greg Mulholland and campaign group Fair Deal for Your Local, Jackie has been campaigning against pub companies that exploit hardworking licensees and take an unfair share of pub profits.

paddy_pub.jpgThe campaign group has requested a new clause to be written into the Small Business Bill which would stop large pub companies charging hugely inflated prices and excessive rents to their tenants. The clause would mean that publicans tied by companies that own more than 500 pubs across the country could opt for a rental only deal, allowing them to buy beer on the open market.

Jackie Porter commented: “The Fair Deal for Your Local campaign calls for an important change to improve the relationship between pub-owning companies and their tenants. Unfortunately, our pubs are struggling to keep up with the excessive rents and high beer prices being charged by the big pubcos and there are many that are at risk of closing down as a result. Changing the law will ensure our local pubs are given a fighting chance of survival so that they can continue to play an integral role in the community.”

There is to be a vote on the new legislation on Tuesday 18th November, in which over 200 MPs are expected to vote in favour. The campaign has also been backed by ten leading national organisations, including CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale), the Federation of Small Businesses, the Forum for Private Business licensee organisations and trade unions.

UPDATE - Winchester Conservative MP Steve Brine votes against

Winchester's Conservative MP Steve Brine voted against creating a fairer deal for our local pubs.

Thankfully enough MPs supported voted for the proposal - a fair deal for your local is on its way!

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