Ban on child detention now enshrined in law

The Liberal Democrats have gone further in safeguarding children from being detained for immigration purposes, ensuring that no future government can ever do it again.

Prior to 2010, thousands of children were being detained in prison-like conditions. During Labour’s last 5 years in government, over 7,000 innocent children were held in adult detention centres, sometimes for weeks and months at a time. 

Ending this injustice was a major priority for the Lib Dems coming into the Coalition Government and we quickly acted to deliver this. While child detention ended over two years ago, the policy could have been reversed with a sweep of a pen by Labour or Tories. That's why we made sure it became a new law in the Immigration Act.


"Imprisoning children was an injustice, plain and simple," commented Prospective MP Jackie Porter. "It is one of many ways in which Labour undermined faith in our immigration system. I want to restore that faith, so Britain can remain a free, fair and open society.

"We must crack down on rogue employers who fail to pay the minimum wage, do more to prevent sham marriages, and re-introduce exit checks so we know who is in the country and who isn’t.”