Hannah Williams - Badger Farm and Oliver's Battery 2019

It is Time for a Change.

I have lived in the ward for most of my life and have chosen to raise my family here because I believe that it is a great place to live. Both I and my daughters have attended local schools and I care passionately about this area.

My Priorities

Village life is under pressure I want to stop traffic growth from large new developments while reducing noise and pollution. I will be a strong voice speaking for residents. Protect the high-quality character of our villages. Valued green spaces like Shawford Down and Whiteshute Ridge are important to us all. With my experience as Chair of a woodland charity I will continue to work to improve all our special places. Local services have been hard hit by Conservative cuts villages need affordable bus services in the area – more frequency in Oliver’s Battery and Compton village.

Our recycling rate has dropped by a quarter under the Conservatives. As an environmentalist Chair of Plastic Free Winchester I want to improved recycling – including more types of plastic and food waste.

I believe in fairness, honesty and listening. I want to hear what residents have to say and then speak up for them so that our ward is properly represented.

I will keep campaigning for the environment and for the County Council to tackle issues such as air and plastic pollution. I joined the Parish Council to work for the benefit of my community, as I feel village life is an important and valuable thing. I will fight the Conservative cuts that cost us long-term - cuts to road repairs that make potholes worse; cuts to bus subsidies that create a spiral of reduced services and bus usage; and extra fees for recycling that lead to more fly-tipping.

I will work for a better run council that listens to and better meets the needs of local people.


If you'd like to get into touch with Hannah, please email her on [email protected] or call on 07776 138405.

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