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We have been working with different groups from all across Hampshire to get a People's Vote. The deadline for decisions is getting close and the direction of the country will be decided in the next few weeks. 

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Put your constituency and country first: back a People’s Vote and “No Brexit"

Dear Mr Brine,

You recently took a full page advertisement to tell us why you were backing Theresa May’s plan for Brexit - and made a convincing case as to why it is ‘imperative we avoid a no deal scenario’.

However events have moved on: following the European Court of Justice Ruling on Article 50, the choice is, as Mrs May herself has said, no longer between “this deal and no deal”, but between “this deal, no deal or no Brexit”.

While we agree that Mrs May’s plan is better than the disastrous option of ‘no deal’, her deal is still a bad deal for Winchester and for the country.

  • It hurts our NHS, as well as the other local services, businesses, people and families that have benefited hugely from people coming to live and work here from other parts of the EU.
  • It breaks the promises made by the Leave campaign to protect the rights of the European neighbours, colleagues, friends and loved ones who live and work among us.
  • It puts Mrs May’s obsession with scrapping free movement ahead of protecting local businesses that trade with Europe and with the 50 other countries that we can do business with more freely with as a result of our EU membership.
  • It scraps the rights of all of us – young and old – to live, study and work freely in Europe.

For all these reasons – and many more – Mrs May’s deal is a bad deal. The best ‘deal’ available for Britain remains ‘no Brexit’ – and staying in the EU with all the exceptions, rebates, exemptions and vetoes previously negotiated – mostly by Conservative Governments.

If, as seems likely, the vote for Theresa May’s Brexit deal is lost in Parliament, you will face the choice as to what you should do next. We ask you, in that scenario, to support a People’s Vote – a referendum on the final deal – which includes remaining in the EU as an option.

You campaigned for the 2016 Referendum saying the people should be allowed to have their say. All of us now have far more information than we had at the time of the previous referendum. A People’s Vote would give the British people an informed and meaningful final say on the choice between the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and staying in the EU.

Please back a People’s Vote and ‘No Brexit’.

Yours sincerely,

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