Campaigners picked by Lib Dems for The Worthys

The Lib Dems have picked three strong campaigners - Jane Rutter, Jackie Porter and Malcolm Prince - as their candidates for three seats on the City Council to represent the new Worthys ward. 

The new ward is a result of a Boundary Commission review. Kings Worthy and Abbots Worthy have been re-united with Headbourne Worthy, along with the military housing at Worthy Down. In due course this ward will also take in all the new housing planned for Barton Farm.

Local Lib Dem Councillor Jane Rutter is standing for re-election to the City Council. The election of County Councillor Jackie Porter to the City Council will greatly help with ‘joined-up’ local government, and she brings many years of experience and local commitment to the role. The third member of the Lib Dem Team standing for election is former Parish Councillor and long-time resident Malcolm Prince.

Check out the team below...

Jackie Porter - tireless campaigner who gets things done

Since arriving in the Worthys in 1984 Jackie has been fully involved with the community, especially the welfare and development of children. She was Chair of the Kings Worthy Parish Council for five years. Jackie is currently our County Councillor and is the Liberal Democrat spokesperson for children in the county. She is the local authority governor at Kings Worthy primary school, and is a former governor of Peter Symonds College.

  • The current Conservative plan to make all schools academies is something Jackie is strongly against. “Why disrupt and change a school which is successful and take away the insight which parent governors bring to schools?”

  • As Chair of Kings Worthy Pre-School Jackie has given practical support to children aged 2 to 4 and their parents. She is leading support for Children’s Centres across the county, campaigning to keep open the local Reign & Shine centre.

  • In leading the Tubbs Hall Management Committee Jackie has demonstrated a real practical focus on everything from boiler repairs to improving energy efficiency.

  • Jackie is always available to listen and if possible help people with issues. She holds a regular surgery at Tubbs Hall on the first Friday of each month.

  • Jackie is keen to engage people in local projects. The long term initiative to create a new footpath from Sutton Scotney through the Worthys to Alresford is a good example. As Chair of this positive development for the area Jackie has drawn together a team with enthusiasm and specialist skills. For more information go to:

Decent housing for all is a key objective for the Liberal Democrats. Jackie, together with her fellow Lib Dems, is campaigning against the ‘pay to stay’ rules currently being proposed by the Conservative government.  She also wants to see affordable housing planned in every new development to ensure a balanced community. “We must build good quality homes for rents that are affordable for people who do valuable jobs, are in training or are on lower incomes,” said Jackie.

Malcolm Prince - local experience and Worthy runner

Malcolm and his wife Jill moved to the Worthys 25 years ago together with their two young children Matthew and Hannah. They have all been very involved in the local community, often taking leading roles. 

Matthew (27) was a keen scout attending two world jamborees. He is now based in Sheffield and is the senior design engineer working for a broadband company which is rapidly expanding into Europe. Hannah (25) is a paediatric speech and language therapist working in the Brighton area. Jill, a former primary school teacher, is very involved in activities for young people, especially leading craft activities at Bubbles toddler group and she established Little Fishes at St Mary’s Church, Kings Worthy.

Malcolm has been very fortunate that he was able to take early retirement from working in the City. He certainly understands the pressures of daily commuting! Formerly an international 5000m and cross country runner, he recently formed the Worthy Runners - ‘a social running group for all’. A particular highlight for Malcolm was the organisation in 2012 of the community festivities around the Olympic Torch run through Kings Worthy, “It was simply amazing to see young and old, the disabled and visitors from overseas enjoying the day”. 

Malcolm has a strong background in financial matters. He has helped many local voluntary organisations and has been treasurer of the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Scouts and Parish Council, as well as being a key team member helping to run the Worthys Festival. Malcolm is enthusiastic about becoming a member of the City Council; “I am keen that people’s views are really listened to, and that projects are done fairly, properly and transparently.” 

“I am also determined that the fall in recycling rates under the Tories should be reversed. Winchester used to have one of the best rates for recycling in the South of England. We can do so much more as a council to encourage and support greener communities. With a Lib Dem Council we will do just that.” 

Jane Rutter - a strong voice for The Worthys

Jane Rutter has lived in the Worthys since 1995, when she moved with her young family and husband Duncan to Wesley Road in Kings Worthy.  The children all went to local state schools - pictured (right) are Rosie, Jane, Matt, Duncan and Katy at Matt’s graduation.  He is now working as an accountant in San Francisco.  Katy is a junior doctor, married and living in Reading.  Rosie is studying at Sheffield Hallam university. 

“We are so proud of the children, and so grateful to our excellent local schools for the great start they gave all three of them,” said Jane. “That is why I am so concerned at government plans to force all schools to become Academies.” 

Jane has always been active in our local community:

  • She helped start up both toddler groups in the village, Tubbies and Bubbles, and continues to support them

  • Is a former Churchwarden, and sings as often as she can in St Mary’s church choir.

  • She has been an active member of Headbourne Worthy Parish Council since 2006 and produces their village newsletter.

  • Since first being elected in 2010 to the City Council, Jane has worked hard with individuals and local groups like the Parish Council on many local campaigns, including safer roads to encourage more walking and cycling.

  • She was Chair of the Steering Group which organised the last three fabulous Worthys Festivals, and is involved with the planning for the next Festival in 2017.  The Worthys Festival celebrates life in the Worthys, and supports local groups and voluntary organisations, whilst promoting local businesses.

“We have such a strong community here in the Worthys,” said Jane, “We all work hard to support local groups and organisations.  We make ourselves easily available as local councillors, and take care to listen to your views.  We work as a team for the whole community.”

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