Carers’ Bonus for those who care long term


The Liberal Democrats have made a manifesto pledge to give carers £250 by the end of the next parliament. Research conducted by Carers UK revealed that almost half of all carers are struggling financially due to their caring roles. 

With the Liberal Democrats in government, the Carer’s Bonus will give an annual bonus of £125 to those who have been entitled to Carer’s Allowance for at least one year. This bonus will rise every year to £250 by the end of the next Parliament.

Almost half of all carers are cutting back on essentials like food and heating. Around 6 in 10 of us will become carers at some point in our lives, saving the state around £119 billion but putting significant financial hardship on the carer.

Prospective Lib Dem MP Jackie Porter commented,

"The Carer's Bonus recognises the vital work that carers do. This simple annual bonus could be a boost to all those caring for another, whether it be a partner, an elderly relative, a sick child, or a friend in need of support.

"The Liberal Democrats are the only party whose policies are submitted by its members. As part of the manifesto process, Nicky from Yeovil has suggested that we reward carers because of the invaluable work they do in society. Now her suggestion will form party of our party's manifesto"

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