Local A&E waiting times show 'dismal record' on NHS


1 in 7 patients arriving at A&E in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight waited longer than four hours before being seen in October 2019, according to damning figures published by NHS England.

The figure of 84.4% of patients attending A&E being treated and then admitted, transferred or discharged within four hours is well below the national target of 95%.


Paula Ferguson, Liberal Democrat candidate for Winchester & Chandler’s Ford said:


“If you’re in agony, if you’re really worried - maybe you have a sick child in your arms - then four hours is an incredibly long time to wait. And we now know that many people aren’t even being seen within four hours.


“This isn’t the fault of A&E staff, who are doing their utmost with limited resources. This is down to this Conservative government consistently underfunding our NHS, year on year.


“There are already staff shortages in many departments. An extreme Brexit would make this worse by driving away the EU nurses and doctors the NHS desperately needs.


“The Liberal Democrats are determined to ensure the future of our NHS. We will invest an extra £35 billion through a penny on income tax and develop a national recruitment strategy to ensure we never again suffer shortages of nurses, doctors and other health professionals.”


Nationally, the 95% waiting target hasn’t been met since July 2015. Only 83.6% of patients arriving at A&E across England were treated or admitted in four hours in October, the worst-ever performance since a target was introduced in 2004.

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