Donate to Paula's campaign

It's time for a fresh start for the country and for Winchester & Chandler's Ford.

Please donate now to help us elect Paula Ferguson as the next Liberal Democrat MP for Winchester & Chandler's Ford.

£5:        10 Paula2Win badges for everyone to wear at events and canvassing

£10:      A waterproof canvass folder to keep canvass material dry in the rain

£30:      5 extra garden stake board to show that the Liberal Democrats are everywhere in the constituency

£50:      1000 extra A4 leaflets to help get Paula’s message out

£100:    5  large Stop Brexit poster boards

£250:    10,000 canvass leaflets

£500:    3 day of extra social media advertising

Please contact by email if you wish to donate a value above £500 as these donations will need to be made by BACS and include a declaration for legal reasons.