Fairer Tax

The Liberal Democrats are the party of fair tax. We put a £700 tax cut for ordinary workers on the front page of our manifesto at the last election. And we have now delivered this in Government.

Putting money back into people's pockets is so important during these hard times. But we are also making sure those at the top pay their fair share too.

In Government we have:

  • Given a £700 tax cut to 24 million people, increasing to £800 in 2015. Now, we want to turn that into a £1,200 tax cut.
  • Campaigned to create a Mansion Tax on the value of properties worth over £2 million.

The Conservatives can't be trusted to deliver fair taxes by themselves. We blocked their plans to give millionaires a £270,000 inheritance tax cut and they refuse to create a mansion tax because they are worried it would affect their big donors.