Fair Votes

The Lib Dems think that seats should more fairly match votes in local and national elections - including in Winchester!

Back in May, the Conservatives took majority control of Winchester City Council with 25 councillors - and the Liberal Democrats gained 20 councillors - but that didn't properly reflect how people voted locally.  The Conservatives didn't have more than 50% of the vote - and the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives weren't the only two parties that got a significant share of local votes.

If the number of seats had more accurately reflected the votes cast by local people in Winchester, the Conservatives would have had only 22 councillors - and not majority control, the Liberal Democrats 16, Labour 5, the Green Party 1 and the Winchester Independents 1 - and we all would have had a council that better reflected the range of opinions of local people.

The Liberal Democrats want to change the voting system to make it better reflect people's views. This would be an important first step to building a better political system: more representative, more co-operative and more diverse. We want to introduce more proportional representation at national and local levels, with MPs and Councillors elected by the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system.   This type of voting (where you number the candidates in order of preference: 1,2,3,4 etc.) gives more control to voters.  Voters still choose individuals that they know - but the balance of people and parties elected better reflects how popular they are in a local area.

The Electoral Reform Society has very useful information about the advantages and disadvantages of different voting systems on their website (although they also support STV).

Unfortunately, we can't decide to change the voting system locally.  The law needs to change - and so we need to collect as much support as possible to make the case for change.  If you support this, please sign the petition below!

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