Five Reasons to Vote for Jackie

What is ‘Strong and Stable Leadership’ without a strong opposition? The Conservatives want a free hand to do whatever they want to our NHS, our schools and our relationship with Europe. Is it a price you are prepared to pay?

Will a Conservative Government continue to fail our local NHS? Despite all the Conservatives’ promises, Winchester’s NHS and social care services are in a state of crisis. Services are being cut, patients continue to suffer and operations are being cancelled. Theresa May has made no meaningful promises to help the NHS. Is this a price you are prepared to pay?

As your MP, I will campaign for proper funding for our local health and social care services, putting an end to “bed blocking” and cancelled operations.

Is it right to decide your child’s future at eleven? Schools in England are facing an unprecedented financial crisis; by 2020, 99% of schools will be facing cuts. The Conservatives’ flawed approach to funding means some Winchester schools will lose out more than most. Is this a price you are prepared to pay?

As your MP, I will campaign for proper investment in Education, from Early Years onwards.  I will resist any move to turn back the clock and force any of our excellent schools to become secondary moderns.

Is a Hard Brexit really the best option? The Conservatives are promising to end free trade, end freedom of movement and give up our biggest trading partners. These choices will make the UK poorer. Already, the pound has plummeted and inflation is outstripping wages. Is this a price you are prepared to pay?

As your MP, I will campaign for a better deal with Europe that promotes stable trade, travel and security. Crucially, I will also fight to ensure that the British people have a final say in any Brexit deal reached.

Governments without a strong opposition become complacent and take poor decisions. Winchester doesn’t need an MP who only votes for the party line. Help me hold the Conservatives to account, and ensure that Winchester’s best interests are fully represented in Westminster.

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Jackie Porter
Liberal Democrat Candidate for Winchester & Chandler's Ford


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