Huge Win at Local Elections

Yesterday was the culmination of a hugely busy campaign for this year's local elections. Throughout the year we’ve been out talking to local residents on the doorsteps, through our surgeries and area surveys on particular issues. We’ve listened to your concerns and taken action wherever we can. While we can point to many successes we could do so much more if we had a Liberal Democrat controlled City Council, which is why we were delighted to win 11 out of the 16 seats up for election.  This puts us firmly in control, with 27 seats!

We're very excited, as this will help us to do what we said in our manifesto this year - you will have an open, transparent Council which listens to what you have to say, looks after your money and cares about our communities, heritage and environment. 

Here's the Lib Dem Councillors you elected this year:

Mike Craske - elected!

Cllr Mike Craske - St. Barnabas

(Lib Dem GAIN)

Derek Green - elected!

Cllr Derek Green - St. Luke

(Lib Dem HOLD)

Hannah Williams - elected!

 Cllr Hannah Williams - Badger Farm & Oliver's Battery

(Lib Dem GAIN)

Russell Gordon-Smith - elected!

Cllr Russell Gordon-Smith - Alresford & Itchen Valley

(Lib Dem HOLD)

 Cllr Kim Gottlieb - St. Michael

(Lib Dem GAIN)

Martin Tod - elected

Cllr Martin Tod - St. Paul

(Lib Dem HOLD)

Jane Rutter - elected!

Cllr Jane Rutter - The Worthys

(Lib Dem HOLD)

Tony Bronk - elected!

Cllr Tony Bronk - Colden Common & Twyford

(Lib Dem HOLD)

Paula Fergusen - elected!

 Cllr Paula Fergusen - St. Bartholomew

(Lib Dem GAIN)

Jonathan Fern - elected!

 Cllr Jonathan Fern - Whitely & Shedfield

(Lib Dem GAIN)

Therese Evans - elected!

Cllr Therese Evans - Southwick & Wickham

(Lib Dem HOLD)


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