Jobs and trade - Lib Dems press positive case for Remain vote in referendum

Being in Europe means British businesses can trade with 500 million customers across the continent without tariffs or barriers. If we left Europe, trade would be more expensive, businesses would move elsewhere and jobs would be lost.

The key facts for why a vote to Remain is best for local residents and the UK:

  • 3 million UK jobs are linked to our trade with Europe. That’s one in ten of all UK jobs.
  • 200,000 UK businesses trade goods all across Europe
  • We get better trade deals with the rest of the world because we are part of Europe.
  • 85% of UK manufacturers want to Remain in the EU
  • 80% of Confederation of British Industry (CBI) members want to Remain in the EU
  • 9 out of 10 small business exporters sell products to Europe.
  • The CBI estimates leaving Europe would cost us 950,000 jobs.

More information about the cross-party campaign to Remain

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