Lib Dems pledge on road safety

Hampshire County Council are pondering proposals to make road improvements only where someone has already been injured or killed, but won't do anything to prevent casualties anywhere else. 

For a while the money has been limited to the sites most likely to cause accidents, but near misses came into consideration too. Hardly anyone can discuss traffic without the comment, “Why isn't something done about that dangerous ....?” 

These sites have gradually been dealt with by the sensible application of minor works; in future, this will not happen. 

Conservatives wring their hands at this, blaming austerity. But the fact is, Osborne's missed national financial targets are bringing even greater cuts than expected. Naturally, the Chancellor will say this is because of local choices, not his policies, which means local Conservatives have deliberately decided to put safety on the backburner.

This policy affects local problems such as the Soke, where the public is most definitely at risk. Residents in Bishops Sutton and Old Alresford are calling for more to be done to slow speeds through their village-but County bosses won’t pay out.

WE DO NOT AGREE, and will work with you to find other ways to tackle this.

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