Lib Dems set out vision for Winchester

A council that listens, decent homes for everyone, and a green community are the headline pledges made by Winchester Liberal Democrats in their Vision for Winchester. 

"Winchester needs a fresh start and fresh ideas," says Lucille Thompson, leader of Winchester Liberal Democrats.

"Over and over again the Conservative run City Council has failed local people when it comes to doing what's best for our area - whether it's the debacle of Silver Hill, a failing recycling rate or local families being forced out of our area due to the lack of homes available to them. 

"Fortunately Winchester has that opportunity for new leadership this year, as the whole Council is up for election. This gives you a great opportunity to vote for change and to tell the Tories that you want better."

The Vision for Winchester has three themes - a council that listens, decent homes for everyone and a green community.

You can download a pdf file of the Vision for Winchester or read the key points below.

For a council that listens...

We want a Council that really listens and responds to local people.

We will champion real public participation and involvement as well as improving accountability and transparency.

Winchester City Council needs to work better. Currently the power in the Council is centred in the Cabinet. We want to look at moving to a committee system where power is shared among all councillors and all parties can have a say.

We will encourage good jobs throughout the Winchester District, not just in the city.

We are committed to ensuring that we develop the best possible Silver Hill scheme for Winchester. We must have a bus terminus and social housing.

We want to ensure equal services throughout the District. Our rural areas and market towns do not get enough attention.

We want to overhaul the planning process and give local people more say in decision-making.

For decent homes for everyone

Housing is a key issue for local people who are being priced out of the market. There are too many family homes being sold to those who just want to make a quick profit. 

We should be bolder in advocating more housing that addresses local needs both in the social and private sector. 

We want to protect our social housing from the Tories' attempts to sell it off. This includes selling our council homes to fund building elsewhere!

We will use Council land to build more council housing for local people with community support and affordable rents. 

We will make sure that developers can no longer get out of their responsibilities to our communities.  All new developments must include affordable homes. 

We want to improve the maintenance of our existing properties and to invest more in better car-parking.

We want to see an end to family homes being converted to student lets.  The university must take responsibility for building housing for increased numbers of students.

For a green community

The Liberal Democrats believe environmental issues must be at the heart of the council's policies.  

Recycling rates in Winchester have declined under the Conservatives in the last few years.  We would introduce kerb-side glass and food waste recycling to improve this. 

We want to tackle air pollution in Winchester. We would control polluting delivery vehicles in the city at peak times.

We want more done to collect litter from our streets and clearance of drains and ditches. 

The Lib Dems support the development of solar roof projects across public buildings and new developments. 

We will make it easier and more pleasant to walk and cycle in our district. 

We support the construction of a new leisure centre in Bar End. We want a modern facility, with renewable energy built in and will work with a variety of partners to achieve this.

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