Lib Dems to push for NHS funding increase

The Liberal Democrats have announced that they will provide an extra £1bn of real term funding for the NHS in the years 2016/17 and 2017/18 in addition to the existing ‘ring fenced’ commitment.

It was also announced that extra funding for the NHS will be the Liberal Democrat priority in the coalition negotiations running up to this year’s Autumn Statement scheduled for 3rd December.


Prospective MP Jackie Porter commented: "I'm really proud to have voted for this policy. Protecting our NHS is right at the front of people's minds going into the General Election next year, especially considering threats to our local maternity services in Winchester.

"We will raise this extra money for the NHS by asking the better off to contribute a little more in tax. This Liberal Democrat commitment is fully and fairly funded. It is in stark contrast to the Conservatives who have explicitly stated they will target working people on lower incomes to carry the heaviest burden."

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