Local Lib Dems welcome 53 new members since election

Anyone who thought the Liberal Democrats would give up the fight in Winchester after the party's May 7 defeat couldn't be more wrong. New figures show 53 new members have signed up to join the Liberal Democrats in the Winchester constituency since Polling Day.

Across the UK, membership of the Liberal Democrats has now risen to 59,166 with 14,370 people joining since election day.


Winchester Liberal Democrats welcomed new and old members and volunteers to a post-election thank you party

New Lib Dem leader on Winchester City Council, Cllr. Lucille Thompson commented on the surge of new membership in Winchester:

"People are demonstrating their support for liberalism by signing up to the party in large numbers.  We know that people still value what we have done as a party locally and nationally and this liberal surge is proof.

"Already we've seen the new Government do things that prove that a liberal voice is needed more than ever and we will continue to hold the Tories to account locally and nationally.

"If you believe we need a liberal voice then please join online at www.libdems.org.uk/join or download a form here. If you join by 3rd June 2015 then you will also be able to vote in the Lib Dem leadership contest."


New members tell us why they joined

Steven Hubbard, from Stanmore, Winchester, said:

"The reason I joined the Lib Dems following the election was that I have realised that I can't expect things in this country to change for the better without being willing to work for it, instead of just casting my vote in the General Election and hoping for the best."

Ailsa Burkimsher Sadler, Chandler’s Ford, said:

"In a nutshell I joined because I was so shocked that the Lib Dems had gone down to just 8 MPs.  I liked the Lib Dems being in coalition and could see the moderating effect on the Conservatives and in particular the work Lynne Featherstone did on FGM and Jo Swinson did in the Equalities department."

Siobhan Barr, St Peter Street, Winchester, said:

"The Lib Dem's commitment to put treatment for mental health on par with physical health and to force a public debate to challenge the taboos around mental illness is both progressive and essential; I want to channel my feelings of frustration and despair into a positive force by becoming an active member of the Lib Dems to ensure my voice will contribute to the restoration of the party."

Edward Keelan, from Micheldever Station, said:

"I believe that we can have a strong middle ground and that there is a balance to strike between a strong economy and helping those most in need, which I feel the Lib Dems are best placed to deliver on."

Lynda Murphy, from Sarum Road, Winchester, said:

"All of my life the Lib Dems have been an important voice in British politics. Seeing them lose so many seats this month I realised that if I wanted them to keep that place I was going to have to do something about it. It is heartwarming to see that so many others think the same."


You can join the Liberal Democrats online at www.libdems.org.uk/join or by downloading a form here. If you join by 3rd June 2015 then you will also be able to vote in the Lib Dem leadership contest.

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