Lower prices - Lib Dems press positive case for Remain vote in referendum

Families up and down the UK are better off as a result of being in Europe. Leaving would drive prices up meaning we would all be worse off.

The UK benefits through everything from cheaper food to cheaper flights abroad because trade is cheaper and there is more choice.

The key facts for why a vote to Remain is best for local residents and the UK:

  • Households save an average of £450 a year as a result of cheaper imports into the UK.
  • Being in Europe has made air travel 40% cheaper.
  • Keeping in touch with home while on holiday is getting cheaper
  • Mobile roaming fees are being scrapped.
  • We currently get free or cheaper healthcare when travelling to other European countries.
  • Leaving Europe is the “biggest domestic risk”, says Bank of England Governor Mark Carney.
  • The IMF (International Monetary Fund) says leaving would cause “severe damage” to our economy.

More information about the cross-party campaign to Remain

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