"Nothing learned?" ask Lib Dem campaigners

After recent discussions on the City’s major projects, Focus has to ask: have the Conservative administration learned anything from Silver Hill?

The Conservative administration continues to repeat the same mistakes - with excessive secrecy, poor partnership work, lack of effective competitive tendering and failure to properly evaluate and consult on all options. All too often the Conservative cabinet just accepts a fait accompli from council officers.

Their latest failures?

Refusing to recognise the problems with the Station Area project even after three out of five architects have withdrawn from the competition.

Refusing to properly engage with local sports organisations and others and look at all land-use options for a Bar End leisure centre - risking yet another major disaster.

Even on Silver Hill, they’ve failed to evaluate a proper range of options for the way forward excluding the preferred Lib Dem option of a worked-through plan for the area that different developers and stakeholders can work to.

Despite challenges from the Lib Dems and local residents, the Conservative administration seem determined not to listen.

It’s just not good enough and it’s got to change!

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