Lib Dem bin progress

Glass recycling is up to record levels - while missed bins are now half what they were when the Lib Dems took control of the council.

Recycling up – missed bins down

Latest Winchester figures for glass collections show that 305 tonnes were collected in January - compared to only 147 tonnes in January last year.

At the same time, the strong Lib Dem focus on service quality has seen the number of missed bins drop dramatically. The number in February - around 12 missed collections reported per day - was less than half that when the Liberal Democrats took control of the council last May. Every month, less than 0.1% of collections are now being missed.

8 wasted years

At a recent council meeting, Martin Tod highlighted the missed opportunity caused by the Conservative decision to block glass collections in 2011.  "Over the last 8 years, we could have collected around 5,000 tonnes of extra glass” he noted. “The carbon impact is huge: the same as a flight to New York every other day since 2011."

More to come

After 8 years of no improvements under the Conservatives, the Lib Dem Council will shortly be starting a pilot of Tetrapak and carton recycling.  In the autumn, the council will start collecting and recycling small electrical appliances.

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