Richard and Robert set out their pledge

Richard Izard and Robert Johnston have set out their pledge to Colden Common and Twyford residents as part of their campaign for the elections for two city councillors.

Oppose the Eastleigh Development Plan

We are strongly opposed to Eastleigh’s plans to build 3,500 houses and a major road between Mortimers Lane in Fair Oak and the M3 motorway. The road would go through Brambridge, and the housing development would replace the swathe of farmland and countryside separating Colden Common from Fair Oak and Bishopstoke. Your local Lib Dem Team will support local campaigners who are organising events - including a second protest walk on April 30th - and help to ensure that all our voices are heard loud and clear by Eastleigh Borough Council.

Reduce Traffic Speeds in Twyford & Colden Common

Richard and Robert support proposals to reduce speeds in all the rural towns and villages in the National Park to 20mph. Richard is a member of the Speedwatch teams that continue to flourish in Colden Common and Twyford, and warning letters sent to speeding motorists are increasing awareness of speed limits and the threat of prosecutions. In Colden Common, recent police monitoring has shown speeding and regular accidents on Church Lane. We, the police and the parish council support a reduction to 30mph along the whole length of the lane. We will be urging the County Council to implement this urgently.

Defend the ‘Common Plan’

Local Lib Dems will fight to allow development only on sites favoured by the village consultation group, the Colden Common Local Plan. Potential developers of some large sites, which are not acceptable to the group, are appealing against the group’s decisions and Winchester City Council refusals

Provide More Affordable Homes

Richard has already helped to draft tighter planning regulations which make it difficult for developers to avoid their affordable housing responsibilities. Voting for Richard and Robert will help to ensure that developers act within the tougher regulations and work towards a target of 90 new affordable homes in Colden Common, and 12 in Twyford over the next 15 years. They are also negotiating arrangements whereby up to half of the new affordable homes are offered initially to first-home seekers or growing families, already living in the village, on rented on shared-ownership schemes.

Improve Facilities for Scouts and other Young People

Try to solve the long-standing problem of the lack of a dedicated meeting place for scouts, guides and beavers from both villages. The aim is to find an existing building which could be adapted and used as a scout hut or to develop a purpose-built hut within a new development. Richard has some ‘irons in the fire’ but there’s some way to go yet before a solution is found. Richard and Robert are also looking at some new initiatives to invigorate youth club facilities and activities.

Provide Extra Parking in Twyford

Richard is the Policy Advisor for the Twyford Neighbourhood Plan. He is keen to consult locally on a plan to develop part of the field alongside Twyford Surgery to provide extra parking. This would be developed together with a small residential development, which would include affordable homes.

Campaigning for greener communities

Richard and Robert are supporting Lib Dem proposals for kerbside household glass collections to reduce the need for visits to bottle banks.

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