Safer Streets - New crossing on the way


After years of pressure from residents and Lib Dem Councillors, Hampshire County Council has confirmed it will be going ahead with a new crossing on Romsey Road between Clifton Terrace and St James’s Terrace and tendering a contractor to install the scheme. Lib Dem County Councillor, Martin Tod, commented “We still need safer crossings on Andover Road, near Sleepers Hill and on Worthy Road – but finally getting the Clifton Terrace crossing is a good step forward”.

The Lib Dem team is working for other measures to improve road safety – recently persuading the County Council to back ‘school streets’ – designed to improve air quality and make roads safer outside schools. In the centre, the Lib Dem-led City Council has led the work on closing the Square to through traffic at weekends – which has, in turn, enabled the Farmers Market to move to the Broadway.

The Lib Dem team wants more done in residential areas as well. “The County Council is developing a ‘Low Traffic Neighbourhood Kit’ including planters, parklets, cycle parking and bolt down traffic calming. Let me know if you would like it in your area, so that we can be one of the first areas to try it” says Martin.

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