Spark's Open Letter

In this edition of SPARK we have written an open letter to Steve Brine MP for Winchester and Chandler's Ford, and George Hollingbery MP for Meon Valley. If you agree, please feel free to send your own version to your MP using WriteToThem.


spark_ed3_front_cover.jpgWe are writing to urge you to join the growing number of MPs from all parties who support a People’s Vote.

You have made it clear that, though you voted to Remain, you believe it right to respect the result of the Referendum.

However, much has changed since then. Vote Leave - with Government Ministers on its board - broke the law and faces the possibility of a criminal investigation.

The Government called a General Election to give it a clear mandate, but failed to win a majority. The recent raft of resignations and the White Paper that has proved unsatisfactory to both sides of the debate reveal a deeply divided Parliament.

However honourable the intention, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a position of “Respect the Result”. In whichever box people put their cross in June 2016, no one voted for the negative effects we are already seeing: price rises, a weakening pound, a worsening skills shortage, a slowdown in growth, businesses and banks to start leaving the UK. No one voted to expose the NHS to Trump’s “America First” idea of a US-UK trade deal. No one voted for chaos.

We now know that deception fuelled the Referendum campaign. We now have a clearer idea of how life outside the EU will look. To respect the electorate is to offer the opportunity for informed consent; to accept whatever final deal is arrived at (or no deal) or to remain in the EU.

Please do what is right for the country and your constituents. Please back a People’s Vote.

Yours sincerely

The Spark team