Paula Ferguson for St. Bartholomew

A Fresh Start For Winchester

Paula has lived in Winchester for 20 years and has always been actively involved in the community. She has spoken out on issues she cares about. Paula has a background in business but retrained as a psychologist in 2008 and now works in education. She is passionate about Winchester and wants to make it a greener, safer, healthier and more vibrant place.

Paula’s Priorities

Making Winchester a Greener City
After years of inaction by the Conservatives, Paula will press the Council to do much more to protect the environment. Paula says glass recycling is just the start, action is also needed on food waste and plastic recycling and that the council should lead the way in reducing single-use plastic.

Safer Streets and a Healthier City
Paula says we need to keep more cars out of the city and make it easier and safer to walk and cycle. She supports more Park & Ride schemes and will fight for better public transport, air pollution monitoring, speed limits enforcement, and the protection of green spaces.

The Right Homes in the Right Places
Development in the city is poorly planned and too often driven by developers. The Conservatives have failed to provide enough social and affordable housing and some local residents feel squeezed out. Paula believes we need a plan for the whole city that takes local residents concerns in to account.

Listening and Caring
Paula puts people first, and is a long-term volunteer at Winchester Basics Bank. She will be a strong voice for the community, making sure the council listens rather than paying lip service. She will speak up for local people on what happens to River Park and resist any attempt for it to be used for housing development.

Paula works hard all year round to make our ward, the city and the district a better, healthier and greener place. If you'd like to contact her please email her on [email protected] or call on  07773 574594.

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