"What a rubbish proposal!" say Lib Dems

Local residents have reported recently being turned away from local recycling centres, being told the ‘Tips are Full’! What CHAOS is going to be caused if the Tories go ahead with their proposal to CLOSE all local recycling centres except the one at Bar End?! 

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Fraser Road - more spaces needed

Your local Lib Dem team is working with the City and County Councils to work out a solution to the other parking problem further along Fraser Road opposite the Tubbs Hall, where parked cars create a serious hazard. Here again utilities run close to the surface beside the road, so simply cutting out new parking bays from the verges is not an option.

"Bring Back our bus!"

Residents of Worthy Down have asked why Stagecoach has chosen now to take away the bus service which used to run round the homes and up to the camp entrance. 

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Cart & Horses Field - Footpaths Latest

Have you used the field and woods behind the Cart & Horses pub for walking the dog, or have your children played there for generations? Help the local Lib Dem team collect the necessary evidence to get these well used footpaths registered as proper public Rights of Way.

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Campaigners picked by Lib Dems for The Worthys

The Lib Dems have picked three strong campaigners - Jane Rutter, Jackie Porter and Malcolm Prince - as their candidates for three seats on the City Council to represent the new Worthys ward. 

The new ward is a result of a Boundary Commission review. Kings Worthy and Abbots Worthy have been re-united with Headbourne Worthy, along with the military housing at Worthy Down. In due course this ward will also take in all the new housing planned for Barton Farm.

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