Time for your Yellow Jersey?

In SPARK edition 3 we enthused about cycling:

The sight of Geraint Thomas in the yellow jersey winning the Tour de France raised spirits all over the country. While you may not have been inspired enough to cycle over mountains you may have thought it's really time I got that bike out of the shed.
There is a need to add new cycle routes and facilities and make our roads more cycle friendly but don't wait - get on that bike today.key_cycling.jpg

Every hour you cycle adds an hour to your life

Regular cycling improves not only heart and lung health but giving stronger bones, better posture and greater muscle strength and flexibility Cambridge Professor of Risk David Spiegelhalter, estimates that, on average, every hour we spend cycling adds an hour to our lives.

Cycling to work is ten times cheaper

The average annual cost of a bike is £300, a private car around £3200. Even if you don't give up the car entirely every bike trip will save you 30p per mile. Instead of spending money on the gym why not just cycle to a place you have to be.

More Cycling will save the NHS billions

Transport for London found that if Londoners cycled for just 20 minutes a day, they would reduce costs to the NHS by £1.7 billion - imagine that saving across the whole country. A final thought - a Harvard study showed middle-aged men who cycle are 30 percent less likely to suffer from impotence. What other reasons do you need?

(first published in SPARK, Edition 3 AUTUMN 2018).

We have had some comments about safety on the roads being a deterrent to more people taking up cycling, even though it's a good idea for many of the above reasons. This author's personal view is that we need to make the roads physically easier to cycle on and normalise cycling as a way to get around the city. I wouldn't be amiss to taking out some of the hills too! What do you think?

What are your thoughts?

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