Tory Council acted "unlawfully" over Silver Hill

A court has ruled that Conservative-run Winchester City Council acted unlawfully over the Silver Hill development in the centre of Winchester. The ruling has forced Tory Council bosses to resign. In the vote to choose a new Leader of the Council Labour let the Tories run the council instead of backing change with the Lib Dems.

Judge rules against Tory-run council

Conservative-run Winchester City Council acted “unlawfully”, a court has ruled. The Tories let developer Hendersons remove all affordable homes, and the bus station from the site. At this point they should have allowed other companies to put forward plans for the area, by not doing so they were in ‘serious breach’ of the law.

Tory council bosses forced to resign

As a result of the court’s damning judgement, the Conservative Council Leader and his deputy both resigned. The Labour head of the committee meant to scrutinise their decisions also had to go.

Labour let Tories run council instead of backing change with Lib Dems

Winchester City Council then had the chance of a fresh start. The Liberal Democrats put forward Kelsie Learney as a new leader offering real change in the way the council is run. But Kelsie lost out in a close vote to a councillor from the discredited Conservatives.

Labour Councillors held the deciding votes, but instead of backing real change they sat on their hands allowing the Conservatives to carry on their failing administration.


Jackie Porter - standing up for local people

Jackie Porter discusses the Silver Hill debacle with Lord NewbyJackie Porter has spoken out against the Conservative chaos over Silver Hill since the beginning.

“I said from the start that removing affordable homes from this site was nothing short of scandalous,” commented Jackie. “People in our area are struggling to afford property and this was a golden opportunity until it was dashed by the Conservatives.

“The Council as a whole needs to change so it listens to and works for the people of Winchester. If it fails to do so it will lose the confidence of local people and make mistakes like this again and again.”

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