UK security - Lib Dems press positive case for Remain vote in referendum

Criminals and terrorists operate across borders. It is vital that our police and security services do too. Being in Europe allows our police to work with neighbouring forces to tackle cross-border crimes and keep our streets safer. It means criminals have nowhere to hide.

The key facts for why a vote to Remain is best for local residents and the UK:

  • 7,000 criminals have been sent home to face justice because of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW).
  • The Head of Europe’s police agency, Rob Wainwright, has said exit would make the UK’s job “harder to protect people from terror.”
  • The EAW allowed us to bring London bomber Hussain Osman back to face justice in the UK.
  • Being in Europe means UK police can access intelligence as well as fingerprint and DNA information from 27 other countries.

More information about the cross-party campaign to Remain

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