A New Plan for Central Winchester


After decades of decline and decay, exciting new plans have been announced for the revival of area between Broadway and Friarsgate.

Following consultations, your Lib Dem City Council is all set to meet local needs for jobs, homes and social spaces. There will be a mix of housing, entertainment and culture, while shops and workspaces will attract new people and business to the city centre.

Currently hidden waterways will become attractive features of the new neighbourhood: a place to be proud of as a 21st century contribution to Winchester’s rich heritage.First steps in a phased programme will see temporary uses for some buildings. Coitbury House will become affordable accommodation for key workers and young people while Kings Walk is transformed into a creative hub.

Lib Dem campaigner Chris Edwards commented, "this will really help talented young people to stay on and build their lives in Winchester. The old Friarsgate medical centre should soon be gone too with a pop-up park in its place.

"All this will be in line with the Council’s Climate Emergency commitment.

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