Your Candidate - Alresford & Itchen Valley - Margot Power


Margot is a hard-working councillor who gets things done. As a Winchester Councillor she will campaign for a fairer share of the services that we all pay for – keeping the tip opens; paths safe, and for safer streets and a better environment - getting road fixed, paths cleared and much more.

Preventing wasteful road spending, when a better solution can be made to happen by negotiation. Fighting for day to day repairs to our local roads. Providing better signposting to our car parks, and keeping the free onstreet parking for shoppers, which keep our everyday shops going

Establishing the 240 bus to make sure residents in the villages and outlying areas of Alresford could come into town twice a week. As well as supporting other local transport. Making the Council realise that spending £4.25m on a new roof for River Park was a waste of money. And now we are looking a better, and more accessible Leisure Centre at Bar End.

Persuading Housing Association to be accountable for the way in which they manage their properties, and how they charge residents. Working to resolve damp problems in tenanted properties.

MargotBus.JPGWorking to encourage more recycling and a better environment. Tackling issues such as air and water pollution as well as campaigning for kerb-side glass recycling.

Plus loads of road problems fixed...
Street lights repaired...
Paths cleared...
And so much more...

A Promise of More

● Increasing the amount of smaller and starter homes in developments, for both open market and social housing.
● Fight the proposed County Council cuts. Including saving the 67 and 240 bus services and the local tip in Alresford
● Protecting our very special environment, our rivers, trees and landscape, carefully managing and improving access for all.
● Campaigning for the improvement to West Street and other parts of the Town Centre that will provide capacity for the many new residents from the 500 new houses.
● Improving recycling.
● Working with our schools and playgroups to find ways of mitigating the funding crisis.

Contact Margot:

phone: 01962 734167
email: [email protected]


> Margot Power: The strong local champion fighting for a better deal for Alresford and the Itchen Valley