Your Candidate - Colden Common and Twyford - Hannah WIlliams

HannahWilliams-outside.jpgHannah Williams is working hard with Richard Izard to get things done - campaigning for safer streets and a better environment - getting potholes fixed, paths cleared and working to solve other local problems.

Hannah works with community groups to help local people and make our villages better places to live in. Ensuring our communities work for the residents now and in the future.

Hannah wants affordable homes for local families. She will work to ensure that new developments provide the homes people need and that empty homes are brought back into use.

Hannah is working with Richard to get local roads repaired and improved. The team has worked hard to get traffic calming measures and residents parking installed.

Hannah and the local team are against Eastleigh Borough Council’s development plans. She will work hard to improve the infrastructure, and further the interests of local people.

The local Lib Dems and Hannah have been campaigning for better bus services in our area, keeping our villages connected and allowing people to leave their cars at home to help the environment.

The local Lib Dems have campaigned for years to get a quieter surface on the M3. Now we need a new quieter surface through Twyford and Colden Common, cutting down on a noise pollution.

Following a Lib Dem ‘Message in a Bottle’ campaign the Conservative council has agreed to investigate kerbside glass recycling. The local team will make sure they don’t bottle It - and that this time it actually happens!

Hannah will work towards increasing Park & Rides to promote reducing traffic levels and pollution, as well as promoting better bus provision so local people don’t need to drive into the City.

Hannah will also work with colleagues to make sure there is a proper plan for housing in the Winchester district – including new houses related to existing buildings.


Contact:  [email protected]    or    07776 138405


Colden Common Record of Liberal Democrat Action

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