Your Candidate - Denmead - Judith Godwin

Jude2.jpgDevelopers must invest more!

Green Gaps must be maintained to deter urban sprawl and better designs should be encouraged in construction. Developers should be held accountable to build more affordable housing, provide appropriate infrastructure and improve services for local residents.


Super broadband should be universal!

It is always promised but is it good enough? Consistency of super broadband is the key. Jude shares residents’ views we could do better and
some areas remain poor. She will keep the pressure on suppliers and the sources for funding to get our fair share.


The state of our roads is a scandal!

Local councillors should be reporting complaints and there are many of them! Jude will keep up the pressure on Hampshire County Council to improve its standards and invest more long term. How long can we put up with this deteriorating situation? To report a pothole, please go to or let Jude know.


Download Jude's Manifesto for Denmead

or contact Jude on [email protected] or 07702 882422