Your Candidate - The Worthys - Malcolm Prince

Malcolm has lived in the Worthys since 1991 and has been a Parish Councillor, Chairman of the local Scouts, involved in the MS society, has been a key supporter of the Worthys Festival and helped to set up and is currently President of Worthy Runners. First elected to the City Council in 2016,
Malcolm is already the Shadow Cabinet member for Finance. Malcolm has lived in Kings Worthy for 25 years and with his wife Jill brought up his children here. He is an athlete with a career as a international long-distance runner. He has a special interest in supporting local initiatives to encourage healthier and more active lifestyles.

Active and Healthy

Malcom is a founder member of Worthy Runners, a free for all and social running group. In 3 years attracted 180 members. Malcolm is currently the President of the club. Through working with HAB, a local developer Malcolm has secured a new 1 mile running trail in the Worthys.

Local Planning Issues

Malcolm has assisted residents in the rejection of an initial Planning application at Boyne Rise regarding the over development of a site with limited access. He also plays leading role in local planning issues; particularly seeking to avoid over-development whilst ensuring the correct infrastructure is in place.

Safer Roads

Malcolm is a leading advocate of lower speed limits and is currently active in gaining a reduction from 60mph to 40 mph along Lovedon Lane following feedback in a local survey.

Malcolm is determined to improve the notorious junction at the Cart and Horses pub. He has helped to gain widespread public support and continues to pressurise Hampshire County Council and the Highways for an effective solution. Village Activities

Since the start of the 9 day Worthys Festival Malcolm has taken on several key roles and organised events to help ensure it's ongoing success. Finance

At a time of financial pressures for all including councils Malcolm's lifetime background in banking and the City is proving invaluable. He has already had success in simplifying the presentation of the Council's accounts. Currently he is the Shadow Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Finance.

Malcolm will continue to campaign for safer and better roads as well as improvements to walking and cycling routes. He will campaign to make sure your money is spent wisely by the Council and that your views are listened to. He will fight for a greener future for our area, encouraging healthier lifestyle and working to improve recycling.