The Lib Dem Plan for Winchester

Our record of action. Our promise of more.

Under the Liberal Democrats, Winchester City Council is moving ahead.

After 8 wasted years under the Conservatives, the City Council is taking action to tackle the climate crisis, investing to improve our city and town centres, recycling more, and helping people through the cost-of-living crisis.

There’s still much to do.

We know that the Council works best when it works alongside local people. Working together, the Liberal Democrats believe we can address the challenges we all face and look forward confidently to a greener, stronger, fairer future for the Winchester District.

Martin Tod, Liberal Democrat Leader of Winchester City Council

Cost of Living Help

With the cost of living continuing to rise and tax bills at their highest in decades, the Lib Dems have worked hard to improve services while holding costs down.

What we have done

 ●    £200,000 emergency support for residents most affected by the cost of living crisis
 ●    Kept council rents below inflation and capped tenant service charges
 ●    ‘1 hour free' parking in Chesil Street, River Park & Worthy Lane car parks
 ●    Kept Council Tax down

What we will do next

 ●    Keep Winchester's council tax below inflation
 ●    Cut fuel bills for low-income families with grants for insulation and draught proofing
 ●    Invest extra in council tax hardship grants

Greener, Faster

We need urgent action to tackle climate change. After years of Conservative foot-dragging – and their repeated attempts to slow down our plans, we have to get greener, faster.

What we have done

 ●    Increased recycling, introducing doorstep glass collection and tetrapak bins
 ●    Installed 1,649 m2 of solar panels
 ●    Installed 59 electric charging points
 ●    Expanded Park & Ride to cut pollution and congestion

What we will do next

 ●    Recycle more: Invest in food waste & more plastic collections 
 ●    Switch P&R buses to low/no carbon fuels
 ●    More rapid electric chargers
 ●    Invest £15 million to insulate council houses and cut bills
 ●    Make walking and cycling safer & easier
 ●    Introduce higher energy standards for new homes

Pride in place

It’s a challenging time for businesses across our area. We’re working to bring vital investment into our area - protecting local jobs, supporting businesses and reinvigorating our high streets.

What we have done

 ●    Invested in local High Streets with new seating, bike parking & bins
 ●    Worked with police to cut graffiti, vandalism and anti-social behaviour
 ●    Brought new investment to the run-down parts of our city centre

What we will do next

 ●    Tackle run-down and derelict areas
 ●    Support local business and create new jobs
 ●    Spend more cleaning up our city and market town centres
 ●    Provide grants and advice to help local businesses go greener faster

A caring community

The Lib Dems are working tirelessly to protect local services and safeguard the most vulnerable in our communities, providing opportunity for all.

What we have done

 ●    Construction started of new GPs Surgery
 ●    Supported the 'City of Sanctuary' movement
 ●    Completed and opened Winchester Leisure Centre and improved Meadowside

What we will do next

 ●    Stronger consultation - making sure all voices are heard
 ●    Improve play and sport facilities with better provision for all ages
 ●    Continue support for those most in need
 ●    Work with police to tackle anti-social behaviour

Homes for all

Under the Lib Dems, the City Council is building new council homes and putting in place a ‘local plan’ to ensure we get the right houses in the right places to meet need while protecting green spaces.

What we have done

 ●    134 new council homes in Stanmore, Kings Worthy and Whiteley
 ●    124 more currently being built across the district
 ●    Helped fund more accommodation for the homeless

What we will do next

 ●    1,000 more new council homes in the next 10 years
 ●    More affordable housing for young people and key workers
 ●    Buy back of ex-council house HMOs to return to family homes
 ●    Protect our countryside and prevent urban over-development