Liberal Democrats Select Jackie Porter

Winchester Liberal Democrats have selected Jackie Porter to be their candidate in Winchester and Chandlers Ford on June 8th.

Jackie with a crowd of supporters

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Keep the UK in the Single Market


The Conservative Government seems intent on a hard Brexit and on stopping parliament having a say on triggering 'Article 50'. So much for 'taking back control'!  

The Winchester and Chandler's Ford Liberal Democrats are standing up for those of us who want to ensure our relationship with Europe is as close as possible. We'll be asking people to sign a petition to keep the UK in the single market on Winchester High Street on Saturday morning but you can also sign it on this website: Keep the UK in the Single Market Petition

Safety Pin Campaign


 The local Liberal Democrat team recently took to Winchester High Street to publicise the national Safety Pin Campaign.

The campaign stems from the fact that since the EU referendum there has been a significant rise in racism and xenophobia in Britain. EU Nationals, immigrants and refugees have suffered racist abuse. 

The safety pin campaign aims to send a clear but simple message to anyone who feels threatened or ill at ease anywhere in public.

Wearing a safety pin says:

  • I want you to feel both safe and welcome
  • I am here to offer help and support
  • I am prepared to stand up against racism
  • I will not tolerate intolerance

The team spoke to dozens of residents and handed out lots of pins, local Councillor Jackie Porter Said; "It was great to see so much support for this initiative. The Liberal Democrats are an open, tolerant and united party. As part of campaigns like this we are fighting for an open, tolerate and united Britain."

Over 4,000 new members - and rising! - as Lib Dems set out commitment to Europe

Tim Farron on European UnionWinchester and Chandler's Ford Liberal Democrats have been welcoming many new members, part of over 4,000 who have joined the party nationwide since the EU referendum result was announced.

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UK security - Lib Dems press positive case for Remain vote in referendum

Criminals and terrorists operate across borders. It is vital that our police and security services do too. Being in Europe allows our police to work with neighbouring forces to tackle cross-border crimes and keep our streets safer. It means criminals have nowhere to hide.

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Lower prices - Lib Dems press positive case for Remain vote in referendum

Families up and down the UK are better off as a result of being in Europe. Leaving would drive prices up meaning we would all be worse off.

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Jobs and trade - Lib Dems press positive case for Remain vote in referendum

Being in Europe means British businesses can trade with 500 million customers across the continent without tariffs or barriers. If we left Europe, trade would be more expensive, businesses would move elsewhere and jobs would be lost.

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Thank you from Lib Dems!

A big "Thank You" to everyone who voted for the Liberal Democrats across Winchester and Chandler's Ford last Thursday!

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Five years of Conservative failure - time for a change


After five years of the Conservatives running Winchester City Council, a long list of failures shows it's time for a change.

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Protect our local schools - sign our petition today!

Lib Dem campaigners across the country are fighting to stop Conservative plans that would mean parents and teachers have no say over the running of local schools. In Winchester, no school is currently an academy.  The Conservative Government's plan means all will be forced to become an academy.

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