Tory Council acted "unlawfully" over Silver Hill

A court has ruled that Conservative-run Winchester City Council acted unlawfully over the Silver Hill development in the centre of Winchester. The ruling has forced Tory Council bosses to resign. In the vote to choose a new Leader of the Council Labour let the Tories run the council instead of backing change with the Lib Dems.

Judge rules against Tory-run council

Conservative-run Winchester City Council acted “unlawfully”, a court has ruled. The Tories let developer Hendersons remove all affordable homes, and the bus station from the site. At this point they should have allowed other companies to put forward plans for the area, by not doing so they were in ‘serious breach’ of the law.

Tory council bosses forced to resign

As a result of the court’s damning judgement, the Conservative Council Leader and his deputy both resigned. The Labour head of the committee meant to scrutinise their decisions also had to go.

Labour let Tories run council instead of backing change with Lib Dems

Winchester City Council then had the chance of a fresh start. The Liberal Democrats put forward Kelsie Learney as a new leader offering real change in the way the council is run. But Kelsie lost out in a close vote to a councillor from the discredited Conservatives.

Labour Councillors held the deciding votes, but instead of backing real change they sat on their hands allowing the Conservatives to carry on their failing administration.


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Lib Dems call for safer speeds on Chilbolton Avenue

Your local Liberal Democrat team is calling for a speed limit reduction on Chilbolton Avenue from 40mph to 30mph.

Local City and County Councillor Martin Tod commented: “Now that work on the drop off points for buses to and from Westgate School has been completed, residents are concerned that the 40 mph speed limit currently in use is now too fast for the reduced carriageway width.

“I have asked the County Council to look at this and have asked them to reduce the speed limit to 30 mph which will be safer for both children and residents alike. 

“I am pleased that Council officers have agreed to run a speed assessment in the next few weeks after traffic patterns have settled down.”

Join the campaign for safer speeds on Chilbolton Avenue at


Time to Talk About Mental Health

February 5th is Time to Talk Day, asking the people across the country to take 5 minutes to have a conversation about mental health.

Prospective MP Jackie Porter commented: "Having a mental health problem is hard enough, but sometimes the isolation and stigma can make it even worse. We can all help to break the silence."

"Talking about mental health doesn’t need to be difficult and it can make a big difference. That’s why we’re asking you to take just 5 minutes on the 5th to have a conversation about mental health. We will all know someone who has suffered from a mental health problem."

There is more information on the Time for Change campaign here.


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Jackie Porter wins fight to stop cuts to disabled children's services

Prospective MP Jackie Porter has won the fight to stop the Conservative cuts to services for disabled children. 

Tory council bosses had decided to make a two-thirds cut to the budget for short breaks for disabled children. But Jackie worked with local families to get the Conservatives to change their minds.

“I’m pleased we have stopped these damaging cuts,” said Jackie. “It’s only a pity that we had to fight for them in the first place, the Lib Dems would not even have consider cutting such an important service.”

Short-breaks give families support so disabled children can access everyday activities like swimming lessons and scouts.


Video: Why maternity matters

Thousands of people have now joined Jackie Porter's campaign to save Winchester's maternity services from being downgraded.

"Over the past months I've heard many stories about how important having proper maternity care at Winchester's hospital is to local people," said Prospective MP Jackie. "This video tells just a few of those stories."

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Pound Road Surgery Closure

The Pound Road, Kings Worthy surgery of the Friarsgate GP practice is currently closed for essential repairs. Unfortunately there is no clear re-opening date as yet.

Prospective MP Jackie Porter said "This is clearly unacceptable. We must have a local GP surgery to serve our community. To close this surgery without a clear plan to re-open just will not do.

"I would like to inform you what actions I have taken on this to date, aided by our City Councillors Jane Rutter and Robert Johnston.

My main focus is to ensure local services in Kings Worthy are maintained for residents.


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Maternity petition passes 2000 signature milestone

Jackie Porter's petition to save Winchester's maternity services from downgrade has passed the 2000 signature milestone.

Prospective Lib Dem MP Jackie Porter said: "Thank you to everyone who has signed the petition already, every voice added makes our campaign stronger."

You can sign Jackie's petition at

Maternity services are becoming a key election issue

Maternity services are already becoming a key issue for the General Election here in Winchester with a clear dividing line between Lib Dem Jackie and Conservative Steve Brine. While Jackie is campaigning to save the services from loosing consultant cover, Mr Brine has broken his promise to protect them, backing hospital bosses over local people.

Before being elected Tory MP Steve Brine said that consultant-led maternity services would be his ‘red line’ and that “without them you don’t have a District General Hospital worthy of the name.”

Now Mr Brine is welcoming changes that will mean there is no hospital with these services in Winchester - exactly what he said he would campaign against.


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Winchester March shows dissatisfaction with Conservative rule

Today people are marching to protest against decisions made by a Conservative run council that isn't listening to local people. On issues from Silver Hill to River Park, and Barton Farm to our NHS, local people are fed up of being ignored and of broken Tory promises.

Commenting Prospective Lib Dem MP Jackie Porter said: "It's telling that when we have a Conservative MP and Conservative Council that people are marching in protest. The Tories haven't been listening to local people; that's the cause of this march."


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A Fair Deal for Your Local


Prospective MP Jackie Porter is backing a move to change the law and give publicans renting from big pub chains a fairer deal.

Working alongside Liberal Democrat MP Greg Mulholland and campaign group Fair Deal for Your Local, Jackie has been campaigning against pub companies that exploit hardworking licensees and take an unfair share of pub profits.

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Chilbolton Avenue drop-off delayed until November at the earliest

Cllr Martin Tod has challenged Hampshire’s Conservative Council bosses about the delay to the new Chilbolton Avenue drop-off. But the Conservative Councillor responsible for the delay has refused to apologise.

The new drop-off was due at the beginning of term and designed to help offset the extra traffic due at Westgate – but the works now won’t be starting until October 27th and are estimated to take three weeks to complete.


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