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Winchester March shows dissatisfaction with Conservative rule

Today people are marching to protest against decisions made by a Conservative run council that isn't listening to local people. On issues from Silver Hill to River Park, and Barton Farm to our NHS, local people are fed up of being ignored and of broken Tory promises.

Commenting Prospective Lib Dem MP Jackie Porter said: "It's telling that when we have a Conservative MP and Conservative Council that people are marching in protest. The Tories haven't been listening to local people; that's the cause of this march."


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A Fair Deal for Your Local


Prospective MP Jackie Porter is backing a move to change the law and give publicans renting from big pub chains a fairer deal.

Working alongside Liberal Democrat MP Greg Mulholland and campaign group Fair Deal for Your Local, Jackie has been campaigning against pub companies that exploit hardworking licensees and take an unfair share of pub profits.

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Chilbolton Avenue drop-off delayed until November at the earliest

Cllr Martin Tod has challenged Hampshire’s Conservative Council bosses about the delay to the new Chilbolton Avenue drop-off. But the Conservative Councillor responsible for the delay has refused to apologise.

The new drop-off was due at the beginning of term and designed to help offset the extra traffic due at Westgate – but the works now won’t be starting until October 27th and are estimated to take three weeks to complete.


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Lib Dems to push for NHS funding increase

The Liberal Democrats have announced that they will provide an extra £1bn of real term funding for the NHS in the years 2016/17 and 2017/18 in addition to the existing ‘ring fenced’ commitment.

It was also announced that extra funding for the NHS will be the Liberal Democrat priority in the coalition negotiations running up to this year’s Autumn Statement scheduled for 3rd December.


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Boost for local schools

Schools across Winchester and Chandler's Ford are benefiting from £5.3 million of extra funding thanks to a Lib Dem policy delivered in government.

This ‘Pupil Premium’ is targeted to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds and service families. Headteachers are given the freedom to decide what will benefit their pupils the most.

Former teacher Jackie Porter commented: “This money can be spent in the best way for each school; whether that’s breakfast clubs, extra resources or one-on-one tuition. This targeted investment helps ensure children get the best start in life, regardless of their background.”


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Lib Dems win vote to reform the bedroom tax

Winchester's current Conservative MP voted against Liberal Democrat reforms to the Bedroom Tax.

The Liberal Democrats have taken the first step in reforming the bedroom tax by winning a crucial vote in Parliament. 

"This is good news for those who have been affected by the bedroom tax," commented Prospective Lib Dem MP Jackie Porter. "Since it was introduced, it has been clear to people on the ground that the bedroom tax doesn't work. I voted to make reforming the Bedroom Tax Liberal Democrat policy last September, if I had been in parliament today I would have voted for these changes to become law."


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CAMPAIGN SUCCESS - Quiet at last

Great news - quieter surfaces are coming to the M3!

After a long running campaign by Jackie Porter and the Liberal Democrats, the M3 will be resurfaced between junctions 9 and 14.

"This is great news for local people whose lives have been blighted by road noise," said Jackie Porter, Prospective Winchester & Chandler's Ford MP.


Local councillor Pam Holden Brown with Prospective MP Jackie Porter

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Making our tax system fairer

key_fairer_taxes.jpgThe Liberal Democrats have set out plans to introduce a trio of wealth taxes which will help to cut the deficit whilst ensuring fairness in our tax system.

Manifesto plans to increase taxes on the wealthiest will go alongside a pledge to further cut Income Tax.

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Jackie Porter stands up for affordable housing at Silver Hill

Prospective MP Jackie Porter has asked the Conservative-run City Council to thing again about how get affordable housing from the Silver Hill development. The Liberal Democrats forced the Conservative council bosses to discuss the issue again at a meeting on Wednesday 6th August. Jackie used this opportunity to speak up for affordable housing and call on the council to work with local affordable housing provider St. John's Charity.


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Ban on child detention now enshrined in law

The Liberal Democrats have gone further in safeguarding children from being detained for immigration purposes, ensuring that no future government can ever do it again.

Prior to 2010, thousands of children were being detained in prison-like conditions. During Labour’s last 5 years in government, over 7,000 innocent children were held in adult detention centres, sometimes for weeks and months at a time. 

Ending this injustice was a major priority for the Lib Dems coming into the Coalition Government and we quickly acted to deliver this. While child detention ended over two years ago, the policy could have been reversed with a sweep of a pen by Labour or Tories. That's why we made sure it became a new law in the Immigration Act.


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